Following in from the previous post here is a list of assembly-relevant attributes from the System.Runtime.CompilerServices namespace:

AccessedThroughpropertyAttribute For use by browser or tools- is ignored by the CLR.
CompilationRelaxations Specifies parameters that control the strictness of the code generated by the common language runtime's just-in-time (JIT) compiler.
DefaultDependencyAttribute Provides a hint to the common language runtime (CLR) indicating how likely a dependency is to be loaded. This class is used in a dependent assembly to indicate what hint should be used when the parent does not specify the DependencyAttribute attribute. This class cannot be inherited.
DependencyAttribute Indicates when a dependency is to be loaded by the referring assembly. This class cannot be inherited.
DisablePrivateReflection Indicates that any private members contained in an assembly's types are not available to reflection.
InternalsVisibleTo Specifies that types that are ordinarily visible only within the current assembly are visible to a specified assembly.
[ReferenceAssembly] ( Identifies an assembly as a reference assembly, which contains metadata but no executable code.
[SuppressIldasm] ( Prevents the Ildasm.exe (IL Disassembler) from disassembling an assembly. This class cannot be inherited.
[TypeForwardedFrom] ( Specifies a source Type in another assembly.
TypeForwardedTo Specifies a destination Type in another assembly.